We believe that two combined influences have a greater impact than either one alone. 

Raising kids to love Jesus is our priority. But that doesn't happen in an hour on Sunday mornings. It takes the influence of parents and the consistent, fun, and intentional investment of the church. When you combine those two influences, the impact on kids' lives is powerful and fun! 

HERE'S THE POINT:  We believe the church's role is to partner with Parent's to help kids grow spiritually. The Church was never intended to do that on it's own. Neither were parents. When both of these influences are working together, the impact on kid's lives is profound and will last a lifetime!

At Restoration Kids, our goal is to partner with parents to help their kids:

  • see God for who He is
  • see themselves the way God does
  • Love others the way He does

What to expect:

We believe kids need to see faith modeled. At Restoration, Sunday mornings are a family time. Kids stay in for singing, leave for a more structured and kid-friendly time during the sermon, and return to particpate with their parents for communion. All of that is so kids can see what a community looks like when they connect with God. 

During the sermon, kids are released to teachers who want to be with them, other kids just like them, and encounter some material that helps them know Jesus. It's short, age-appropriate, and a bit crazy - but trust us, the kids love it!

If you have questions or want to help lead kids closer to Jesus, you can contact Julie Habeeb (Restoration Kids Director) at juliehabeeb6@gmail.com.