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We take following Jesus pretty seriously - but that may not look like what you expect.

Jesus promised that his followers would be full of life, filled with things like hope, joy and peace in the midst of a sometimes chaotic world. When we follow Him, learning to live and love like He did, it opens up a whole new kind of life.  We're called Restoration Church because we believe the heart of God is to restore this life of freedom, joy and wholeness, and the "church" is just a group of people who are in on the process. 

We believe that God is constantly inviting us into this bigger story. Jesus has a full life for us that is much more than a list of right and wrongs or religious activities. We want to be people who go out into our neighborhoods and embrace the life that Jesus has for us - everyday. We're not Sunday focused; that just happens to be the day where we gather each week to regroup, worship, and learn together. 

So this is our main thing: Restoration Church is a life-giving community of people, hopefully and intentionally following Jesus into the world.


Join us at the Salem YMCA at 10:10 this Sunday or contact us to find out more


Sermon Recordings

Whether you missed a Sunday and want to catch up on a sermon series or you want to feel out the flavor of our teaching team, check out our sermons page. 

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our Vision and Values

We strive not to just "go" to church, we want to BE the church. From the very beginning, we set out follow Jesus and live life a little differently. 

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