We may come together on Sunday mornings, but we do real life together throughout the week - over coffee or in a living room, sharing lunch on campus or working together to bless someone in need. At Restoration we're all about relationships! A lot of connections happen organically, but we also have some avenues that can help you get plugged in around here. If you have any questions, email Kayla (kayla@restorationsalem.org) and she will help introduce you to the right people! 

What's Going on:

There always a lot going on around Restoration, and every one of them is a chance to connect. Sunday morning is just a part of who we are. There are a bunch of other ways to meet folks, get involved with something meaningful, or participate in something new! 

There are several ways to find out what's going on around here:


Each other: 

Like we said...we're all about relationships! We believe in getting to know each other - honestly, authentically building a church where people genuinely know one another...and are known in return. There's not a lot of pretense at Restoration, because we're all in this together. 

Email kayla@restorationsalem.org to get plugged into a home group or click on the link below to take you to our events page where you can find places to meet people:

A mision.png

a Mission:

There may be no better place to connect that to go do something together... especially if that something is blessing others! There's a lot of "good" going on around here. People are learning to give their lives away for the sake of others. That's our mission...want to join in? 

Click on the link to find out how you can join the fun: