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Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are a key part of our church -
but that's just the beginning!

We know that when you're looking for a church, Sunday mornings are often the first thing on your mind. One of our central beliefs is that we ARE the Church - and that Monday thru Saturday are equally important parts of life with Christ.  The Sunday part of who we are is about celebrating what God is doing and reorienting ourselves around Jesus as Lord.  We also understand that coming to worship for the first time can be intimidating so we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when you walk in the door. 

What to expect:

  • When you arrive at 10:00am at the Salem YMCA you'll head into the main doors and be greeted by a member of our friendly Welcome Team at the Check in Table. This is where you can check your children into RestKids or ask any general questions.
  • Head on straight down the hallway to the gym. While there are still basketball goals, you'll be surprised how much it can be transformed into a place of worship. 
  • You may notice that we don't always start right on time. Don't worry - that's pretty typical! We're a highly relational church so we often use this time to catch up with friends or meet new folks. So don't be surprised if someone comes over to says hi!
  • Our worship band is incredibly talented and made up of all volunteers. We have so many musically gifted folks that you may see different leaders on different days.
  • Josh Yerton is our Lead Pastor, and typically preaches about 50% of the time. The other Sundays you are likely to hear from one of our Teaching Team members. We believe we all benefit from hearing different voices and perspectives - and part of the Lead Pastor's role is to oversee others who hear from the Lord and share what they're learning with the rest of us. 
  • We're very casual and laid back - but we believe in and practice the  Sacraments (Baptism and Communion). Most Sundays will involve repeating some liturgy together, which normally includes the Apostles' Creed. We want to always be tied to the core tenants of our Christian faith, and join our voices with generations of believers before us.
  • Typically our time ends with Communion where we come  forward to receive Communion and remember that Christ lived, died, and was raised to life for us. 
  • As worship ends and chairs are stacked you'll likely notice everyone stick around for a good while to do some more catching up! 
  • On the way out of the gym you can find connect cards and giving envelopes on a table. Both of these can be dropped into our giving towers by the gym doors. 
  • Then we go out into the world together, encouraged to reveal more of God's Kingdom!

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Sunday Morning Location 

10:00 am
Salem YMCA
1126 Kime Lane
Salem, VA 24153

Sunday Morning FAQs

What Time Does Worship Start? 

10:00am...but the first few minutes you may be thinking, "shouldn't be we getting started?" This is part of our time to hang out together, catch up, and meet new people. We're laid back and highly relational.

Do you all belong to a denomination?

Our lead pastor is an ordained Anglican priest but Restoration Church is non denominational. We partner with some sweet church networks that help with training and accountability. Read about them on our mission partners page.

What about my kids?

We are a church that believes that children and students are worth our investment. Kids of all ages can participate in life with Jesus! We have two pages with tons of info, visit the  RestKids page or the Students page to find out more.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable to worship the Lord! Dress up, throw on your jeans, or come in your pajama pants - we don't care. As long as you're wearing clothes, you're good.

Are you building a building soon? 

We have been meeting at the Salem YMCA since 2012 and don't have any plans of changing that. We are passionate about our resources being used towards the Kingdom so meeting in a gym helps us  lower expenses and be in the community.

Where does the staff work during the week?

While we worship at the Salem YMCA, we are only there on Sundays. We have a pretty sweet office space on Main Street in Salem that we call the Cave. It's right next to Mill Mountain coffee so stop in and say hi!

Questions about Worship or  how to get connected?

We love to love to chat! Please reach out!