Reflection 1

1 Peter 3:13-16

:  What are some of your fears – the ones that make you second-guess yourself or step back from really putting yourself out there?

:  These fears are often the product of life experiences…can you think of an experience in the past that informed how you live – and maybe why you have these certain fears?

:  Spend some time today processing these with Jesus. Invite Him to speak truth into those fears, and let Him guide you to hope.

Reflection 2

1 Peter 3:16

:  How would you describe a life lived in hope – as Peter references here, one that causes people to ask questions?

:  Thinking about your own life…are there places/events where your life has inspired those questions from others? Why or why not?

:  Our fears often keep us from living in hope, and living in a way that inspires questions from those around us. How might God be inviting you into living more out of hope than out of fear?

Reflection 3

1 Peter 3:18-22

:  This passage can be confusing…but it is meant to remind us of the hope we have in Jesus, so that “even if” we suffer now, we can endure with hope. How have you experienced this kind of hope that goes beyond even the toughest circumstances?

:  In the end, Peter reminds us that we are saved through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection proves that He is in charge, with “all authorities and powers in submission to Him.” How might this reminder give you courage to lean into your fears a little more today?