Reflection 1

1 Peter 3:8-12

What would you say is the theme Peter wants to instill here in the church? How is this the concluding thought (“and finally…”) of what has come before?


:  The instructions here are pretty simple. Why do you think they are so difficult for us to live into? Which of Peter’s words here is the most challenging for you personally?


:  As you think about the instructions in all these verses, consider how they apply in each area of your life:

-       in your church              -    at your work

-       among your neighbors    -    with your spouse

How might your more consistently BE this kind of person, not just DO these things? Are those two separate things? Why or why not?

Reflection 2

1 Peter 3:8-9

:  Think of a time someone demonstrated true compassion toward you. What was the impact that had on your life? Why do you think things like compassion, sympathy, and kindness are so powerful?

:  Re-read v. 9. Is there a situation or person to whom this verse applies? How can you practically follow Peter’s instructions here?

:  In the situation above, what is the primary challenge in choosing blessing over retaliation? Take time today to bring that to Jesus.

Reflection 3

1 Peter 3:10-12

:  How have you seen the basic wisdom of this Psalm in your life?

:  Peter makes a practice of referencing the Old Testament. Read the referenced passage from Psalm 34. What parallels do you see? How does Psalm 34 inform how you read what Peter is saying?