What if, when we talked about "church", we meant something different?

For most people, church is a building or a place you go on Sundays. Or at least Christmas and Easter. But what if 'church' was meant to be MORE? What if, when we talked about 'church', we were talking about a group of people who were more interested in meeting needs than having their needs met? What if 'church' described a movement of people intent on having their faith be a blessing to their neighbors and communities…simply by loving folks like Jesus? And what if it meant a group of people who were not afraid or intent on judging the sin in other people's lives, but decided to love people well and go on a mission with God to help heal and transform the brokenness we all deal with? And what if when we said 'church,' we were just describing a group of people who did this together?

Our conviction at Restoration is to be that kind of church!

The kind of 'church' we’re talking about isn’t a program-driven organization, a seeker-sensitive show, or a traditional hymns-and-pews kind of place. It’s a deep church, one where people are invited not to become more Christian-y, but to follow Jesus. This kind of church is about life, not programs. It’s a beautiful process of learning to trust Jesus and share in the restoration of His Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.” That’s who we are and that why we’re calling ourselves Restoration Church–because we believe the heart of God is to restore freedom and joy and wholeness to His creation, and the 'church' (God’s people in community) is meant to be part of that story! 

We have programs, and we are sensitive and loving to those who come to us spiritually seeking…but more than that, we are a church that is about going out into our coffee shops and sports leagues and neighborhoods to love people, intentionally asking God how we might join His mission to bring healing, freedom, and restoration to those around us.

This is what 'church' means to us at Restoration. We are, at our core, a life-giving missional community hopefully and intentionally following Jesus into the world.

Our Values

Inclusive Community:

We are a church where very different people can all find a deep sense of belonging. This does not always come easy, but we are committed to demonstrating this by:

  • Authenticity—we strive to be transparent, honest, and loving in our relationships.
  • Others-Centered Culture—we foster a mentality that honors people and considers others first.
  • Culture of Grace—we are not be afraid of people’s sin, including our own; we do our best to navigate conflict well, and we strive to encourage one another constantly.


We believe when Jesus said “go,” He meant it. We are called to be a people captured by and sent to embody the heart of God to the world, including:

  • Partnership—we partner with other churches, Young Life, organizations throughout the Valley, and globally. 
  • Redemptive Relationships—we believe the mission field is all around us. We intentionally invest in relationships with those inside and outside the church, loving all people like Christ.
  • Radical Generosity—we try to have a culture that reflects God’s heart, both individually and as a church, living to give away our lives and our resources.


It is important in all this “going” that we also gather for worship and encourage one another in the faith: This happens in large and small groups, including:

  • Relevant Worship—we strive for excellent music and teaching, and practice the sacraments together (communion and baptism).
  • Life Transformation—this is the goal of discipleship and our measure of success.
  • Prayer—this must be our primary effort and the backbone of everything we do.