Called to Be: Get Off the Roof

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By Josh Yerton - April 24, 2018

The difference between a great tragedy and a great story is often our willingness to step out in faith. Josh dives into the introduction of 1 Thessalonians as he challenges us all to be a people whose work is produced by faith, whose labor is prompted by love, and whose endurance is inspired by hope in Jesus Christ.

Giving on Offense

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By Josh Yerton - April 8, 2018

Money is one of those things that has a hook in us in our culture. It's a hard topic to talk about well but Jesus spoke about our finances frequently so its a topic we need to dive into. How do we become Kingdom minded people with our resources?

Laying Claim to Our Identity in Christ

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By Tom Spitnale - March 25, 2018

It can feel risky to stare at a blank page and ask God to speak. Especially when we're asking deeper questions about who we are and why we're here. But if we're willing to take that risk and just start writing, God will meet us there. Tom Spitnale takes us through how to "take hold of that for which Christ Jesus has taken hold of you" - your healing, your transformation, and a deep sense of your identity. 

Church, Identity, and the Holy Spirit

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By Jeff Lakin - March 18, 2018

God scattered people at the tower of Babel because of their sinfulness and then raised up Abram and his descendants (Israel) to be the means of blessing the nations (Gen. 11-12).  In the Old Testament, Israel existed in a roller coaster ride of living in that purpose and forgetting it.  God makes the prophet Joel a promise that someday he would pour out his Spirit and restore Israel.  This message discusses these two events through the lense of Acts 2 where God undoes the effects of Babel and baptizes people in the Spirt and starts the Church.  Our identity is “Church.”  Our identity is to fulfill the purposes of God as Church.

Remember Who You Are

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By Scott Habeeb - March 11, 2018

God has reconciled us to himself. But that must means that there was a state before the world was messed up. Scott takes a look at the state of the world before Sin entered in; a world without shame where people walked with God. God is trying to bring us back to who we were created to be. 

Who We Are Becoming

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By Josh Yerton - January 7, 2018

A new year offers us a time to think about where we have been and who are are becoming. Restoration Church was founded on Isaiah 58 with the idea if we truly engage and seek after Jesus, he will use us to be restorers. But for all that we need to be engaged.