Big News! We've Got Our Eyes on Rwanda

"A simple sailboat does not bring glory to itself, but to the power of an unseen force propelling it along. It is dead in the water unless the wind blows."

- Daniel Henderson

I love this image. It's been rolling around in my head for a few weeks, because I tend to want to be a powerboat or at least have 6 oars in the water. But the simplicity of a sailboat is that it moves in response to the wind. It functions with its power. It moves, propelled by a greater force.

This has been our goal as a church, as we grow and expand mission and ministry - we seek, as a church, to go where the Spirit (literally, the wind of God) moves us. Always.

And now it feels like the wind is starting to pick up!

This last Sunday, we were so excited to introduce Jake and Kathryn Otterman, who are discerning and following a call to long-term, global missions beginning in Rwanda, East Africa!

We've always wanted to be a sending church. Much of that is local...through Young Life, Family Promise, in our schools and neighborhoods and workplaces. Jesus reminded his disciples that they were sent in the same way He was. As we've grown, we've discerned God's movement beyond our back yard. Guatemala was our first trip out onto the water. Now, we're discerning what it looks like to be engaged with global missions as an equipping and sending church! Jake and Kathryn feel like a gift from God in that regard!

As we sail out into these uncharted waters, part of our goal is to walk with the Ottermans as they continue to discern their calling. We want to encourage, support, and equip them to trust and be propelled by the Spirit. What that means for us is pretty awesome: we get to love and encourage them, as well as become a training ground for them to gain tools for mission and ministry. They'll be serving with us in a variety of capacities, everything from kids ministry to music (Jake is a gifted musician) to serving the needy in Family Promise. They'll be taking courses in global missions and being prepare for the rigors of the mission field. And they'll be raising support for Rwanda Missions as they go. 

This is an incredible season and blessing for us as a church - we are following Jesus' call to go and make disciples, even to the ends of the earth! Not only do we get to participate in what God is doing around the world, but we get to walk with an amazing young couple as they learn to trust the wind!

So please be praying for Jake and Kathryn. And pray for our church as we walk with them in this process. As someone said at one of our recent meetings, "What if Jake and Kathryn are the first in a long line of young couples we get to equip and send to the ends of the earth?" 

What if, indeed!