Becoming Love: Real Unity

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By Mike Massey - October 7, 2018

Living in true unity with our Christian family is hard. We all come from such different points of view. But our unity is the way others will know Jesus came to rescue them and set them free. Unity means setting aside our rights and getting on our knees side by side to call upon the name of The good good Father.

Devoted to Prayer

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By Matt Fleenor - September 2, 2018

Even though prayer has many forms, Paul encourages us to have 3 activities in our prayer so that we may see God clearly and experience God fully. First, we must look with thankfulness at life's circumstances rather than carefulness.  Next, our prayer must speak with God, our community, and our individual person as participants.  Last, the answer to prayer involves actions that are full of grace.

The Soundtrack of Your Life

By Josh Yerton - August 19, 2018

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Music makes all the difference in a good movie and decides the mood of a scene. In life, the stuff beneath the surface sets the tone for how we live. We get choose what the soundtrack of our life is going to be. Josh explores Colossians 3 in this sermon as he fleshes out letting the musical notes be from our earthly natures or from our identity as God's chosen ones. 

Set Your Mind Above

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By Jenn Fountain - August 5, 2018

With all the noise around us today it is easy to get distracted from what really matters. In Colossians 3:1-4 Paul reminds us of our identity in Christ and that, as people who have received new life through Jesus, our calling is to look up from temporary concerns to things that have eternal importance.


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By Neil Strickland - July 22, 2018

In continuation of our Colossians series, Neil teaches on how Paul encouraged the church of Colossae to keep their practices Christ centered.  Even though our "practices" may look different today, our focus should still be living Christ centered lives.


Liminal Moments

By Josh Yerton - July 9, 2018

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We have rites of passage in our culture that signify a change - getting your drivers license, graduating- when we pass over that threshold we don't go back to the way life was before. Claiming Jesus as Lord is a threshold that we should pass over but some of us stand with one foot in each world. In Colossians Paul calls us to live our lives only through Jesus. 

Maturity in Christ

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By Scott Habeeb - June 24, 2018

The hope of God's glory being revealed to the world is Christ in us.  To show His glory, God wants to mature us individually and as the church.  In this continuation of the Colossians series, Scott talks about what this journey of maturity looks like and how the Holy Spirit will transform us in the process.