What do Restoration Kids Do on Sunday?


What do our kids do on Sunday? What's the curriculum?

After time in "Big Church" where we sing and read Scripture together, the Restoration Kids head to different classrooms at the YMCA depending on age/grade level:

Nursery – Pre-K

In our nursery each week, our toddlers through preschool hear a short story from a children’s picture book Bible and color a corresponding picture. We want to create a safe place for our kids and begin to introduce them to other adults who love Jesus and who will support their spiritual growth as they get older. 

Parent Partnership: Parents can reinforce the lesson at home by reading the story on the back of the coloring sheet to their child. This is a fun way for parents to connect to what kids are doing at church and build basic knowledge of Bible stories.

Grades K-1

In the kindergarten and 1st grade, children view a story from the Bible using “The Jesus Storybook Bible” video series or a similar visual story. The class then works to complete a fun activity to bring life to the story, followed by age-appropriate games. During the month December, and then again in July and August (summer), K-1 combines with Grades 2-4, where they watch a video together that illustrates either seasonal or biblical themes. Our hope is to build basic Bible familiarity and teach our kids about the character and nature of God. 

Parent Partnership: Parents can reinforce the lesson at home by reviewing the Bible story with their child through the activity sheet, asking kids to explain the story and what they learned!

Grades 2-4

In Grades 2-4, the focus shifts to a little more content-driven material, from a variety of curriculum (Theo, Friends and Heroes, Iesodo, Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible…). The class completes an activity sheet and discusses the Bible story in a little more depth. Again, our hope is to continue to establish a framework of biblical knowledge, expand the kids’ view of Jesus, and invite them to explore more of His presence in their lives.

Parent Partnership: Parents are encouraged to review the activity sheet and read the Bible story together with their kids, asking age-appropriate follow-up questions. 

What's Next?

After 4th grade, we've found that typical children's ministry content doesn't work so well for 5th grade, so we created Club 5/6. Club 5/6 (club fifty-six) is for kids who need a little more content and challenge. We've found the best way to help them grow is to expect a little more of them. In essence, we asked them to play up to more of a middle school structure. And they LOVE it!!