Partnership with Filo Del Mecate, Guatemala:


Restoration Church began their partnership with Hope of Life in Guatemala in 2015 when a few leaders took a vision trip to explore what it would look like to “adopt” a village. After seeing the local led, gospel saturated, transformative movement of Hope of Life, our church decided to form a long term relationship with a mountain village called Filo Del Mecate.

Our partnership with them consists of three phases: a physical need, a spiritual need, and an educational need. In every step of the way, we seek to learn what Jesus is doing among the people of Guatemala, change our own perspective on the world, and share the love of Christ.

In 2016 we took our first international mission trip and came alongside the residents of Filo Del Mecate to build a well that would offer clean water to the village. In 2018 we returned to work together to build a church. We’re looking forward to going back in 2020 to work on the school!

Missionaries To Rwanda:


Jake & Kathryn Otterman

Jacob and Kathryn Otterman grew up in Roanoke, Va. and after reconnecting through friends in 2017, they soon got married in May of 2018.

During their engagement, through prayer and seeking the Lord, both Jacob and Kathryn felt like God was leading them to a life of international missions. After they said their “I Dos” they continued following the call towards ministry overseas and even used their honeymoon to go to Rwanda on a mission trip.

In October of 2018 the couple met with the steering team of Restoration Church and they decided to began a period discernment and training with the hopes of moving to Rwanda within the next year.

The Ottermans have been invited to live in Kamembe (Cyangugu), a small town on the western most boarder of Rwanda. 

They hope to serve the Rwandan community by teaching English at a high school, as well as developing projects to help the school become more financially sustainable.  Ultimately, they want to form relationships with the students and those around them in order to share their lives and the gospel with them. 

The Ottermans’ goal is to live as missionaries in Rwanda for at least two years as they work with the local church to expand the Kingdom of God.  

Jacob and Kathryn have been receiving training and fundraising for the last 9 months and now they’re ready to go! All the funds that they have raised will go to the Rwanda Mission Fund of Restoration Church which will be used to support the Otterman’s ministry opportunities and day to day needs while they are in the mission field. They plan to embark for Rwanda on July 14.

Jacob and Kathryn are praying for people to support them who believe in God’s calling for their lives, who will be in prayer on their behalf, who will point them to His truth, and who have His heart of giving abundantly. 

Tessa: Raising up the next generation in Germany

Tessa S.jpeg

Tessa Sydnor grew up as a missionary kid (MK) in Austria and France and attended Restoration during her years at Roanoke College. Through her experiences leading a Bible Study for International students at Roanoke, teaching in Korea, and ministering to refugees in Athens, the Lord opened her eyes to the significance of equipping the next generation of Christian leaders by working with children of missionaries. Tessa will minister to missionary kids like herself by teaching at the Black Forest Academy for the next two years, a boarding school in Germany that works with MKs whose families work in over 40 different countries.