Giving Philosophy

We are excited about what God is doing at Restoration Church! Part of our mission as a church is to live in a spirit of radical generosity. And we don't just talk a good game, either. Our goal as a church is to give away 25% of everything we receive. That money goes to things like a clean water well in Guatemala, a local food pantry for people in need, partner churches just getting off the ground, and Young Life's mission to reach struggling kids. Giving away from ourselves is the best thing we do as a church!

You may notice that we don't pass around an offering plate on Sundays - that's intentional. We don't want money to take focus away from connecting folks to Jesus. Giving for us isn't about duty or obligation. It's a powerful way that we come together and do something bigger than any individual could do alone. So we invite you - come join us as we learn to give our lives away for the sake of others.

If you would like to partner with us, there are several ways to give:


By Cash or Check

If you want to give on Sunday mornings, there are two tall black towers by the doors as you exit the gym at the YMCA. To send a check by mail, send it to:

Restoration Church

P.O. Box 902

Salem, VA 24153


Your Bank's Auto Bill pay:

Most bank's offer online bill pay free of charge. You can set up Restoration Church as a recurring or one-time payee, and then submit your donation through your bank's online bill payment. 


Online Through Paypal

We want to make this as easy for you and what better way than with Paypal! 


Donate to Rwanda Missions

Kathryn and Jake Otterman will be our missionaries to Rwanda in 2019! You can give online through the button below or by adding “Rwanda Missions” in the memo line of checks sent to Restoration.

Restoration Church is supported entirely by the faithful (and radical) generosity of people who believe in what we’re doing. We believe in it, too, and invite you to experience the joy and freedom of giving faithfully. If you have questions about giving or would like to give through stocks, bonds, vehicles, or other assets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Restoration Church believes that in all things Jesus is our model. That includes how we give. So here’s our pitch:

we invite you to come give your life away with us.

So much of our world revolves around what we can get. We live in an endless cycle of consumption, a treadmill that's always looking for MORE. But Jesus challenges that, reminding us that it truly is better to give than just trying to get all the time. We take that seriously. We want to help you learn to give - your time, your resources, and your energy. We want to help you gain freedom from the treadmill of getting and instead experience the fullness and joy that comes with giving. 

How do you start doing that? We recommend that you start by letting go of that which is most precious – your finances. This is where Jesus started with people. Do you trust God or do you trust money? There is freedom in one and bondage in the other. Try starting off giving away 10% of your finances. That isn’t a magic number...but it’s a great place to start! Let it go. Give it to the stuff God is up to – whether that be to Restoration, to Young Life, to someone in need, or to some other ministry. Just let it go, and see what God does in your life. Don’t give expecting to get something. Give and ask God to free you from the need for MORE

That could be Step 1. Step 2 starts with asking God what else needs to go. What hours does He want you to give away? What skills, energy, and other resources need to be used to bless someone. What gifts has He given you that could be used to display His glory?

Step 3 comes years later. Step 3 is when you look back on a life well-spent. One that had impact, because you invested in something bigger than yourself. It’s when you look back and see that what you gave - your life - God used to tell a beautiful story.

That’s what we want to help you do at Restoration. Will you join us?