An Update from our Missionary in Albania

This is an update letter from Logan Hall, a student at VMI who we are financially supporting to be a missionary in Albania for 11 weeks this summer. Check out how God is using him this summer:

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

It has now been three weeks since I set foot in Europe.  Every week since I have been here has been something new.  I spent my first week getting acquainted with life in Albania.  I had the opportunity to work on the new church building, meet new people, and hand out fliers to advertise the upcoming English classes in our church.  I was invited to spend some time with family friends in Denmark during the second week and it was very interesting to see how God is at work in different nations.  I learned that a lot of people in Denmark have all of their basic necessities covered so a lot of people see no reason to rely on God.  It reminded me of the Matthew 19:24 with says “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”  I was able to leave an English bible with the family that they could use in the future and I ask for prayers for the nation of Denmark that God will begin to work more in those living there.  After returning, friends from the UK arrived and we began English lessons shortly afterwards.


I have had bit of time to dive into some books for fun which I have not done in forever!  I have read Helping Christians Understand Islam by George Ainsworth which gives an excellent comparison of Christianity versus Islam.  I found this book very encouraging because I can know understand where Muslims are coming from.  Instead of having an argument or having no true understanding I can have a conversation and find ways to relate which is a blessing all in its own.  I also finish reading Radical Together by David Platt which gave a great view of how to spread the Gospel to the nations.


I am continuing to learn every day what it is like it enter the “mission field.”  Some define the location as your own neighborhood, others as third world countries, some say where disaster has struck, and more as unreached people groups.  As I write about this I pray that God gives me the right words and the wisdom to describe how He is at work.  I believe that a mission field is a place that God places you to teach others the Gospel and to share with others how salvation works.

There are short term missions and long term missions and I believe that God has the ability to use both.  I am working with two gentlemen, Dick and Andrew, from the UK.  They arrived here this past Wednesday and they are here for two weeks.  God has used them not only to help develop the curriculum for the English classes but God has used them to teach me and others how to glorify God every day in all that we do.  God has already used this short term mission to energize them and allowed them to teach so many others.  This has been challenging for them as well as something that they have wanted to do themselves I am certain they will be used even more over this next week.  I still don’t know how God plans to use me throughout the summer.  I have had opportunities to mix and mingle with the locals, develop friendships, and dive more into my relationship with God.  It just goes to show that whether it is for a short period or a long period God can use each of us.

The team!  From left to right: Edi, Logan, Andrew (UK), Zion, Noel, Dhurata, Valbona, Debra, Gracey, and Dick (UK)

Logan Hall.jpg



Developing relationships on the streets has continued to be a wonderful way for me to reach out to others and share the Gospel.  I sit out on the steps of Sam and Sofia’s market diagonal from the church in our little square. I’m there on a nightly basis.  I recently shared with some friends, "On another note to add to current events: a Protestant, a Catholic, a Muslim, someone who just believes in good and evil, and one more person sit on a stoop to talk about religion in two languages at once...TO BE CONTINUED... prayer is always helpful!"  This happened sitting right out front of the market!  How crazy!  God works in amazing ways.

Out on the step I have met Clete who is a practicing Muslim and a personal trainer.  He comes up and asks random questions out of the blue about Christianity.  There is Klyde who works at the coffee shop and we are both helping each other learn languages since we are both on beginner levels for Albanian and English.  Julio is Klyde’s brother.  He understands English well and is working with me to get better at speaking it himself.  I am now known as Dajë Logan (Uncle Logan) to Amos who is almost three and the son to Sam and Sofia. There are many others I have met out on sidewalk.  It has been an awesome opportunity and I ask for prayers that I can share the Gospel more with these individuals.


Mark 11:24 says, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”  Meditate on this scripture for a while.  It is so simple yet such a powerful verse.

  • The Holy Spirit will continue to work in us and through us as we teach others English and about the Gospel
  • For knowledge and wisdom so that we share the right words with those around us
  • Protection as the body of Christ grows.  There is always the possibility that Satan will fight back with what is going on here.  We are all in a constant spiritual battle
  • There will be opportunities to meet with those in the classes one on one to share the Gospel