Restoration 2.0

In last week's newsletter (if you haven't read, please read's important to the life and health of our church), I mentioned what I've been calling "Restoration 2.0". 

What, might you ask, is "Restoration 2.0"?

I'm glad you did! Restoration 2.0 is who we are becoming. It's the updated version of the church we started in 2012. It's not something new, it's just us, with some new features and updated applications. It's the next iteration of who we have been called to be...and it's really exciting!

Now, I know every "developer" thinks their update is the best, and some people prefer not to update because battery life goes down (if you have an iPhone), or the new features are not what we're used to, or we just like things to stay the same. I get that. Especially when it comes to technology.

Nothing mission-critical is changing for us, but it's essential that we continue to ask God where He wants to take us, what "tweaks" do we need to make, and how our vision need to be updated to keep in step with the Holy Spirit. So for us, that looks like:

A renewed focus on discipleship
Jesus called us to "make disciples." That's our mission and our calling. So who we're becoming will be who we have been, but with an emphasis on equipping, empowering, and sending people to make disciples. We're going to be asking: who's discipling you (teaching/processing/helping you learn to follow Jesus and seek His Kingdom), and who are you doing that for? In Restoration 2.0, these kind of relationships are critical and expected. 

Prayer must be central to who we are.
We've always been a praying church. But that's never been "out in front" of our identity. It is now. We want to create an atmosphere of prayer, especially on Sunday mornings. That's when we MUST be praying - for each other and for our mission. Think of it this way: when Jesus taught His disciples (see above) to pray, He told them they were to invite "His Kingdom to come, His will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven." That's THE big deal. In Restoration 2.0, we long to see the Kingdom happening all around us. And it only happens if/when we pray!

Relationships, relationships, relationships!
Part of our call is to be a presence in the city that fosters relationships, both within the church...but especially with those outside of "us." That's who we are...and who we are called to become. In Restoration 2.0, we will continue to become a source for connection and deep relationships that ultimately demonstrate the love of God to those around us.

Mission and leadership experts say that an organization needs a season of re-visioning every 5 years to stay vital and be a movement (instead of a static organization). I think that feels right. We're 5, almost 6 years in, and God has been leading us toward this update for about a year. It's been a journey, discovering who He is calling us to be and how He is transforming us as we go. In his book Canoeing the Mountains, leadership expert Tod Bolsinger describes a leading, transformative church this way (paraphrase):

an energized community of people moving toward their own transformation in order to accomplish a shared mission in the face of a changing world.

I pray Restoration 2.0 will be this kind of energized community, because this is who God has invited us to become. We want to be intent on our own transformation, because that's what following Jesus looks like. And we definitely believe we have a mission to our city, our valley, and our changing world. 

So here's your invitation: Be discipled. Go make disciples. Pray. Build relationships with people in the name of Jesus. if you interested in any of these, or just want to know what it could look like for you, just email me or Kayla. All of this is part of following Jesus, and God is leading us to a place where this is simply "normal" for us, part of who we are...and who we are becoming.  

Moving toward transformation and on mission with you.