It's 2017 Y'all!

So I know you're wondering. Did they make it?!? What was the bottom line? Did they raise enough money to "Help Protect Betty White from 2016"?!?! They didn't meet their GoFundMe goal. But I'm sure you'll be relieved and overjoyed to know (and who isn't?!?) that Betty White survived and is thriving into the new year! 

And so are we. 

There were and are so many incredible things to celebrate as a church. From all the new faces to the incredible missions to one of the most beautiful Christmas Eve services I can remember - this has been an incredible year! And now we're off into a new year together - our 5th as a church family.

Five years. Wow.

As the Steering Team was reflecting on this last year and brainstorming some of the "Big Rocks" we're praying about for 2017, Scott said something that I think captured where we're at and what's ahead. We were discussing some of the structures of leadership and staffing, and he simply stated, "We need to really think through all this...because this church is going to be around for a long time."

Scott will probably tweet out a correction on the exact language of what he said, but that's less important to me than what it meant. See, for 5 years now, God's been building this church. And we've been part of the fun. But now, it feels different. At least to me. It feels like. as the Psalmist prayed, He has "established the work of our hands for us."

Restoration is a solid, thriving, beautiful local church family.

For so many years, it felt like we were building the plane while trying to fly it. Some seasons we were skirting the trees. Others we were soaring. Still others were filled with turbulence. I probably felt that (and worried about it) more than most, and I'm sure there's more of those things coming. But rather than asking what parts need to be slapped on and duct taped together, now the questions have changed. Now it's more about where we're going. The plane is solid. Now it's more about what we're going to see and do and be a part of. And that's amazing! 

So as we head into this year. please be praying. Ask God to lead us. Pray for direction. And let's go see and do and be a part of it all!! 

Grateful to be flying with you,