We Know That God Will...

Psalm 12:6-7

The Lord’s promises are pure,
    like silver refined in a furnace,
    purified seven times over.
Therefore, Lord, we know that you will __________.

I read those words earlier this week as part of our daily readings in the Psalms, and I wonder – how would you fill in the blank?

I’ve been thinking about this this week, as we’re heading out of the summer and into the fall. Whereas the summer is a time to step back and let ourselves breathe a little, the fall is the time when we tend to hit the ground running. Vacations are over, kids are heading back to school (eventually…), and a new rhythm begins.


In the midst of that transition, how do you want to fill in the blank? What are you trusting God to do in the coming months?


I guess this is where rubber meets road in this faith/following Jesus thing. Because the answer supposes that we’ve indeed heard the promises of God…and then that we believe He will, as Paul says, “work all things for the good of those who love Him, and who are called according to His purposes.” But even in that oft-quoted passage – what are His purposes? Do we know – enough to fill in the blank?


In my life, I tend to think in categories. I think about our church, and how God has been faithful. We started out to be a place of healing and hope, a contagiously friendly and loving group that engages with anyone and everyone like Jesus. And then I get this note from the director at Family Promise (a ministry serving homeless families here in our city):

Oh my goodness!  Last night was amazing from our perspective! Your folks were so engaged and excited.  The best part was seeing how engaged our families were! Thank you for loving them and providing such outstanding hospitality.  I’ll talk to you soon.

I think about our mission to Guatemala, and how we’re leaning into God’s purposes, traveling around the world to bring a practical Gospel to people in Filo de Mecate. And I hear from our contact/guide from the trip:


Seriously Pastor Josh, your Restoration team went above and beyond my every expectation.  It was a complete joy and privilege to serve with Restoration Families and Young Adults!  Not only did they know how to work hard, play hard, and laugh , but it was most refreshing to worship and pray with them each evening with complete abandon.  I’m so grateful for their hearts and love for Guatemalans…

Both of those filled in a blank:

Therefore, Lord, we know that you will… change lives (ours and others) as we grow in our love for You and for people. 

Both of these make me think ahead and pray that God will continue to fill in the blank like that. It gives me confidence toKNOW that God is working in and through us. His promises are pure and they are true. He will move as we follow Him.

Closer to home, I think about our family. There are past-tense examples there, too. That time I watched Lucas try to calm Conner down in the midst of a pretty disregulated moment. Or having Sarah ask for Tessa to put her to bed. Those fill in the blank, and I pray God continues to fill in the blank for us:

Therefore, Lord, we know that you will continue forging our family, healing the broken parts of us, and telling a great story through it all.

Those examples help me live in the faith that moves ahead KNOWING that God is up to something. It challenges me to pray into my life, the lives of my friends, and the life of our church and community with expectancy – believing God will act. It forces me to think specifically about how I want God to move and fill in the blank:


  • For each of the kids, how do I want God to fill in the blank.
  • For Jen and our marriage, what am I praying that God will do to fill in the blank?
  • In our relationships, what do I hope God is up to, filling in the blank?
  • For our church – how do we want God to fill in the blank?
  • For those we love and are called to reach, how am I praying God will fill in the blank?

What are you praying, hoping, believing He WILL do in the coming months?

The Lord’s promises are pure,
    like silver refined in a furnace,
    purified seven times over.
Therefore, Lord, we know that you will…



















Believing God will –