Out of Our Comfort Zones and Into Guatemala

Bright and early on Saturday morning I’ll be meeting up with 24 groggy Restoration Church folks at Dulles Airport in D.C. to fly out to Guatemala!

College students, families, and young professionals are all traveling together to a foreign country because of Jesus. How cool is that?

During our team meeting last month we talked about why were going and what we were most excited about. The answers varied from getting to hold babies at the orphanage to growing in relationship with our teammates to seeing how God will use us.

I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself. Even if your just friends with me on Facebook you can see that I love traveling and loving on people. I know that God is going to do some big, amazing things that I can’t even imagine.

Last week Josh talked about the rhythm of life in the weekly email, but what do you do when God totally throws you out of the rhythm that you’ve gotten used to?

Going to Guatemala doesn’t fit within our normal schedule. As excited as I am, I have to admit that I’m a little nervous. Am I going to pack the right things? Do I know what to expect? Am I going to run into scorpions? (Really though, scorpions are a real thing there)

Then one night this week I got a sweet email that Shenna Massey had sent to the group. She had gotten a call from a woman that just returned from Guatemala who had some words for us:

“When Jesus commissioned his disciples and he sent them out in pairs, he felt they were fully prepared. They had no money, no place to go, they really had nothing. Yet he considered them prepared. He said, bring peace to this house and let the peace rest on it. He didn’t send them with money or hotel reservations. He just gave them a geographical direction and a push.”

When I really think about it, I’m nervous about not being in control, mostly because I have no idea what being in control even looks like. Which is actually a really beautiful thing.

Jesus sending out his disciples and instructing them not to bring anything with them on their journey has always seemed a little crazy to me. I felt like he should have given them a packing list and a schedule of which towns to visit. I feel like they should have been more prepared.

As Jesus has continually pulled me out of my comfort zone (sometimes kicking and screaming) I’m starting to see more clearly that when we aren’t totally prepared and are forced to admit that we aren’t in control, the Lord is giving us a gift that will allow us to learn to rely on Jesus, to submit, to trust, and to give God the reins.

Is God calling you into anything where you don’t feel completely prepared?

In the words of my best friend Hollyn who is going to Guatemala with me “Trust the Holy Spirit to do its thing.”


-Kayla Fuller