A Different Perspective

More CS Lewis for your week:

“…the peculiar difficulty imposed on you by the war [or your circumstances] is another matter, and of it I would again repeat what I have been saying…do not let your nerves and emotions lead you into thinking your predicament more abnormal than it really is.”

I read those words shortly after dealing with a few weeks worth of crazy as a family – attachment-disorder-inspired tantrums, a teething-and-up-at-night toddler, sick older kids, and a nasty cough. Ugh. Winter sucks when you’ve got lots of little people running around, creating a petrie dish in your home, and nowhere to go because “it’s coooold outside!”

And then this perspective.


It really is all about perspective, isn’t it. If you think you’re life is meant to be easy and simple, organized for my happiness…well, you’ll be pretty frustrated. But if we believe life is this complex-yet-compelling, difficult-yet-meaningful, crazy adventure…it changes things. If we believe ourselves to be in a war (of sorts), the perspective is radically different.

The verse that came to mind as I read this was 1 Cor 10:31:

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of the God.”

That’s another perspective shift, isn’t it. We’re so used to the organizing principle of our lives really centering around…something else. ME. But in this one sentence, Paul offers another perspective. Whatever you do, do it to make God known. To point some fame to Heaven. To give Him credit. To bring GLORY His way.

That changes the way we think about everything. Am I raising these kids – for who? For me? No. For them? Yes, in part. For God and for His glory? In my best moments, YES!

Think about how that principle applies to every area of life: our time. Our finances. Our love. Our encouragement. Our giving. Our home. In the midst of this crazy life, I can hold all these things loosely because I’m holding them for something bigger than me.

Because this life is not about me. It never has been. That’s a different perspective.